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In my metal craft workshop, I like to showcase my larger, more fun projects. I have a lot more new and different ideas to come. Please come back and see what's new!"
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I’ve just finished a new project: garden metal horseshoes fish. Made from repurposed horseshoes, these unique decorations are perfect for any garden.
Each fish is handmade, with horseshoes forming the body and metal pieces for the fins and eyes. They’re sturdy and charming, adding a playful touch to your garden.
These fish are designed to be displayed on metal bars that can be inserted into the ground, allowing you to place them among flowers, above vegetables, or along garden paths.
bring a smile to your face.
Welcome to my metalworking workshop, where creativity meets precision.Here, I transform raw metal into stunning art and functional pieces using a blend of traditional techniques and modern tools. The heart of my workshop is an array of specialized equipment that enables me to bring even the most intricate designs to life

Central to my process is the lathe, which allows me to precisely shape and turn metal parts. 
For drilling, my pillar drill ensures every hole is exact and clean. When it comes to bending metal into smooth, elegant curves, my trusted ring rollers and sheet metal brake are indispensable.
Cutting through metal with precision is a breeze thanks to my cut-off saw, while the MIG welder provides strong, reliable joins for all my projects. 

Heavy-duty tasks are handled effortlessly with my 10-ton press, and adding detailed, decorative touches is made possible with the bead roller. 
My English wheel is essential for creating complex curves and smooth contours in sheet metal, allowing for exquisite detail and finish in my sculptures and functional pieces.

Each tool in my workshop plays a crucial role, allowing me to work with a variety of materials, from sheet metal and horseshoes to pieces of bar and box sections. This setup not only supports my craft but also fuels my passion for creating unique, high-quality metal art and functional items.

Every project in my workshop is a testament to the precision, versatility, and craftsmanship that these tools enable, turning visions into tangible, lasting creations.

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